CBS President Responds To Angry NCIS: Hawaii Fans


NCIS: Hawaii fans have an axe to grind with CBS after the show was unexpectedly cancelled last month. Not only did the NCIS spinoff have decent ratings, it was part of a massive franchise. Even the show’s star Vanessa Lachey was shocked by the cancellation. CBS seems to be standing by their decision though, and President Amy Reisenbach has a message for upset fans.

NCIS: Hawaii fans weren’t going out quietly. After weeks of fans’ social media tirades and campaigns to reverse the cancellation, the networks entertainment President tried to explain why NCIS: Hawaii had to get pulled.

CBS President Speaks Out On NCIS Cancellation

According to Amy Reisenbach (at the Banff World Media panel), “They’re extremely tough calls to make. I’m a big fan of TV first and I sympathize and relate to all of the fans out there who are disappointed in the fact that these shows are ending. But at the end of the day, our job at CBS is to make those really tough calls.

We toss and turn and have sleepless nights and have endless discussions but we look at all of the numbers. We look at what our projections are for the future, we look at where we see opportunities to potentially have even bigger success on the schedule. And we make those tough decisions.”

Sadly, the CBS execs don’t seem to be losing any sleep over their decision to axe NCIS: Hawaii and Vanessa Lachey from the line-up. It looks like all those fan petitions fell upon deaf ears.

New Shows Coming To CBS

Reisenbach made it clear she wanted to discuss the future at the network and the new shows that they have lined up. The entertainment president teased new series Sheriff Country, and also revealed that they are looking to add a cooking show to their line-up and more game shows.

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