Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Accomplishes An Impossible Task After 19 Years (& It Isn’t Good)


Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 does an impossible task after 19 years, but it isn’t worth celebrating. FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit continues its work on uncovering the mystery of Gold Star after it was previously set-up in its inaugural year. After the harrowing experience of learning, tracking, and eventually catching Elias Voit for creating and facilitating a serial killer network, Emily Prentiss and her team were presented with a new, and perhaps even bigger, issue to crack. With Clark Gregg’s FBI director breathing down their neck, the BAU has no choice but to put their best foot forward.

The cast of Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 is largely the same, with the core BAU all coming back, unsurprisingly, considering that there’s only a two-week time jump between seasons. Even then, Prentiss’ squad remains understaffed. Between that and his expertise, they recruit Tyler Green to be a consultant, which poses new issues to the group dynamic. Aside from his complicated history with the Sicarius case, his past relationship with Penelope Garcia is also an issue. This paves the way for Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 to do something seemingly impossible to do in the last two decades.

Garcia’s Tyler Obsessions Makes Her Annoying In Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2

After Being Universally Loved, Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Makes Garcia Tiresome

By the time Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 picks up, not much has happened about solving the mystery of Gold Star. This pushes Rossi to suggest bringing Green as a consultant, considering his seeming knowledge of Gold Star’s patterns. This sends Garcia into a spiral. Even before that, however, the BAU’s adorable but effective tech analyst is already acting uncharacteristic as she continues to pine over her fling partner, and watching her go down this path is annoying — something that didn’t seem possible, considering how beloved Garcia is in the Criminal Minds franchise.

The opening scene for Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 is about Garcia’s birthday party, and when Green messages her, all logic seems to leave her body. If it wasn’t for Luke Alvez’s urging, she would have already jumped back together with Green even though she knows full well that their relationship is wrong. Starting it almost jeopardized their ops on Sicarius back in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 1. She also appears to forget that he manipulated Garcia into returning to the BAU for his own benefit, despite her rather peaceful life outside the BAU.

Tyler’s Problematic Relationship Makes Garcia A Hypocrite In Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2

Garcia Has A Strict No Dating A Co-Worker Policy

Over the years, Garcia has had her fair share of romantic interests in the Criminal Minds franchise, but nothing permanent came out of them. So when Alvez finally made his move at the end of the CBS series, it seemed like the perfect start for their relationship. Previously, she refused her advances, saying that she didn’t date someone that she worked with. With Green officially becoming a BAU consultant in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2, even considering getting back together with him makes her a hypocrite. Not being sensitive to Alvez’s feelings makes it much worse.