Fire Country Season 2’S Finale Revealed Bode’s Perfect Three Rock Replacement For Season 3


Bode’s newfound freedom in Fire Country season 2’s finale meant leaving the Three Rock conservation camp behind, risking putting the stories of those there in the background – but season 2, episode 10 simultaneously offered a replacement for him in Fire Country season 3. The Fire Country season 2 finale was full of preparations for Bode’s life outside the penitentiary system as well as Gabriela’s preparations for her wedding day, despite the evident doubts that plagued her. While Fire Country season 2’s finale ended on a cliffhanger for Gabriela’s story, Bode spent the first 72 hours out building his new life.

Bode’s freedom arriving eleven months earlier than expected was good news for Bode and his family, but it also inevitably detached Three Rock from the central story in Fire Country, as Bode being there and being the firefighting drama’s protagonist brought the inmate firefighters’ instances to the front and center. Indeed, with Fire Country now focusing on Bode rebuilding his life as a free man, Three Rock would only be perceived through Eve’s perspective as captain instead of the POV of an inmate firefighter. However, one character’s problems with the law might solve this problem for Fire Country season 3.

Manny Can Be The Three Rock Inmate Link In Fire Country Season 3

Manny’s Arrest In Fire Country Season 2’s Finale Made Sure Of It

Fire Country season 2, episode 9’s ending already revealed the police were looking for Manny, which was why he didn’t return to Station 42 the moment Vince let him know about the warrant for his arrest. While Manny being on the run made it impossible to know whether he would have attended Gabriela’s wedding, the Fire Country season 2 finale showed Gabriela could trust her father, as Manny showed up to her wedding despite knowing he would have been arrested afterward. Such a development means bigger challenges for Manny but also offers a solution to Three Rock’s Bode problem.

Manny’s arrest in Fire Country season 2’s finale hints at his return to Three Rock as an inmate, which could finally let him take his responsibilities as he promised Gabriela.

Bode’s release risked changing Fire Country for good because, without him, the stories involving the inmate firefighters wouldn’t have been at the forefront, as no central character was an inmate firefighter anymore. However, Manny being arrested for aggravated battery in Fire Country season 2’s finale might return him to Three Rock in a very different capacity in Fire Country season 3, and his being an inmate there would make him part of the team as Bode was. This would keep Fire Country’s core trait and let Manny take responsibility for his actions like he told Gabriela he wanted to do.

Bode’s Friends In Three Rock Can Still Make Him The Link Between The Camp & Outside

Bode’s Freedom Separates Him From Three Rock But He Can Still Be There For Them

Bode’s newfound freedom inevitably separates him from Cole and the other inmate firefighters. However, if he were to succeed and become a firefighter as he pushed his uncle Luke for in Fire Country season 2’s last moments, Bode would still be the closest to Cole and the others, making him the one better equipped to advocate for them, along with Eve.

Bode’s recent past as an inmate firefighter could not only help Manny acclimatize himself again to the realities of Three Rock, but it could also offer hope to all inmate firefighters. After all, Bode receiving the extraordinary conduct credit and getting months off his sentence was proof that firefighting as inmates not only helped them in their day-to-day lives but could also materially change their lives by letting them out earlier and having Bode as an example of that could give a similar hope for some of them in Fire Country season 3.