House Of The Dragon Season 2 All But Confirms The Biggest Aemond Targaryen Theory Is False


One of the most popular Aemond Targaryen theories is now way less plausible after House of the Dragon season 2, episode 2. “Rhaenyra the Cruel” showed the aftermath of the horrific murderer of Jaehaerys Targaryen in what became known as “Blood & Cheese,” a reference to the two men behind the death of King Aegon II and Queen Helaena’s firstborn son. Aegon II took the death of his son as a personal insult and wanted immediate action, whereas Helaena had to become the face of the tragedy in an attempt to turn the realm against Rhaenyra.

House of the Dragon season 2 episode 2 was mainly about how the death of Jaehaerys affected Aegon and Helaena, but it also showed how the tragedy was used as a political instrument by the now former Hand of the King Otto Hightower. With Aegon and Helaena front and center, Aemond did not have too big of a role in this episode. However, one particular scene all but confirmed that one popular theory about Aemond’s relationship with his sister is not true after all.

Aemond Is The Father Of Helaena’s Children – Theory Explained

Aemond cared more about Helaena than Aegon ever did.

A popular Fire & Blood theory that was carried into House of the Dragon is that Aemond is the father of Helaena’s children, not Aegon. One of the biggest clues behind this theory was the fact that, unlike Aegon, Aemond always seemed to care about Helaena. Aegon and Helaena’s Targaryen marriage was unhappy from the start, and there were only a handful of scenes where they addressed each other throughout the series. Aemond, on the other hand, has shown multiple signs of affection toward Helaena and is much closer to her than Aegon.

For example, in House of the Dragon season 1, episode 8, Aemond looked particularly bothered by the fact that Helaena was dancing with Jacaerys. Although Aemond was never a fan of Rhaenyra’s children, he was angrier than usual during Jace’s interaction with Helaena. All of these small moments served as fuel for the theory that Aemond is the true father of Helaena Targaryen’s children. Interestingly, Aemond always saw himself as the next in the line of succession, even after Jaehaerys was born. Despite these hints, the “Aemond is the true father” theory had never been confirmed.

Aemond’s Brothel Scene Makes Him Fathering Helaena’s Kids Unlikely

Aemond only has an intimate connection with one person.

While House of the Dragon season 2 did not directly address Aemond’s biggest theory, it all but confirmed that he and Helaena were never romantically involved. Aemond’s brothel scene in House of the Dragon season 2, episode 2 offered a deeper look at the character, going beyond the Targaryen prince’s tough shell and revealing a more vulnerable side of him. Aemond’s relationship with Sylvi, who works at the brothel where the prince lost his virginity when he was only 13 years old, appears to be the only meaningful connection he has with a woman.

The fact that Aemond admitted to Sylvi that he regretted what happened to Luke shows how open he is with her. Luke’s death in House of the Dragon was technically an accident, yet Aemond never told anyone so. The prince preferred to earn the reputation of “Kinslayer” instead of admitting that he was scared and could not control Vhagar. Considering how vulnerable Aemond becomes whenever he is with Sylvi, it is difficult to imagine he would have the same level of intimacy and trust as anyone else. Therefore, it’s unlikely that there was ever a romantic relationship between Aemond and Helaena.

The Blood & Cheese Fallout Really Hurts The Aemond/Helaena Theory

Aemond was not the focus of HOTD’s Blood & Cheese fallout.

The biggest indicator that Aemond is not the father of Helaena’s children is how Blood & Cheese played out in House of the Dragon. While the show did make some major changes to this moment compared to the book, especially the removal of Maelor Targaryen, it kept the essence of the sequence – the emotional impact of it on Aegon and Helaena. In Fire & Blood, the aftermath of Blood & Cheese changes not only Aegon and Helaena’s marriage but both of their characters individually. Helaena lives the rest of her life in sorrow, whereas Aegon becomes even more reckless.

If House of the Dragon were to address this theory and make it canon, the death of one of the twins would have to have a major impact on Aemond.

There were no emotional stakes for Aemond in House of the Dragon’s Blood & Cheese incident, meaning it would be pointless to have him be the father of Jaehaerys now. If House of the Dragon were to address this theory and make it canon, the death of one of the twins would have to have a major impact on Aemond. Although Aemond obviously felt the death of his nephew at the hands of traitors and is ready to take action alongside his brother and the new Hand, this was not the focus of the episode.