House Of The Dragon Season 2, Episode 5 Trailer: The Fallout Of Rook’s Rest Leaves One Character’s Fate In Question


The House of the Dragon season 2, episode 5 trailer teases the fallout of the Battle at Rook’s Rest. With each passing episode of the second season, the Blacks and Greens have marched closer and closer to war, starting with Daemon hiring two assassins, Blood and Cheese, who murder Aegon’s six-year-old son, Jaehaerys, followed by the King and Ser Criston sending Ser Arryk to pose as his twin brother, Ser Erryk, and kill Rhaenyra, which was unsuccessful. After failing to negotiate a peaceful resolution with Alicent, Rhaenyra begins to indulge her darker impulses and sends the Blacks’ dragons to war.

Now, after the fourth episode aired, Max released the trailer for House of the Dragon season 2, episode 5.

The trailer teases the fallout of the Battle at Rook’s Rest, as the head of Rhaenys’ dragon, Meleys, is paraded through the streets of King’s Landing. Meanwhile, Aegon’s fate is left in question, though he appears to be abed after his injuries, and his brother Aemond serves as King in his stead.

What To Expect From House Of The Dragon Season 2, Episode 5

Episode 4 Was A Major Blow For The Blacks

House of the Dragon season 2 episode 4 continues the march towards war and culminates in the Battle at Rook’s Rest. Earlier in the episode, Criston Cole captures multiple castles for the Greens, including Rosby, Stokeworth, and Duskendale. Meanwhile, Aegon grows increasingly petulant, as Criston has largely gone rogue and schemes with Aemond behind his back to take Rook’s Rest, a largely unimportant castle on the coast in the crownlands. Feeling utterly powerless, Aegon attempts to feel empowered by riding off to Rook’s Rest on the back of his dragon, Sunfyre.

Meanwhile, Rhaenyra returns to Dragonstone and is ready to send one of her dragons to war, and Rhaenys volunteers. Once she arrives, Criston signals for Aemond hiding nearby on Vhagar, and their secret plan becomes clear – the attack on Rook’s Rest is a ruse to draw out a dragon and tip the balance in their favor. However, a drunken Aegon unexpectedly arrives on dragonback and joins the fight. At one point, Aemond fires on his own brother Aegon and Sunfyre, who plummet to the forest floor. Ultimately, Vhagar strangles Meleys with her bite, and Rhaenys falls to her death.

The episode 5 trailer teases the fallout of the battle. Aegon is severely wounded but should survive. Rhaenyra, having lost a valuable member of her small council and an experienced dragon, appears undeterred and continues her conquest of the Riverlands, with Daemon threatening to burn houses if they do not bend the knee. The trailer ends with Mysaria, who helped plot Blood and Cheese, saying “there is more than one way to fight a war,” suggesting the Blacks could plot something similarly sinister in response to Rhaenys’ death.

House of the Dragon airs new episodes Sunday nights on HBO and Max.