House Of The Dragon Season 2 Missed The Perfect Opportunity To Introduce The Show’s Best Stark


By skipping over the Battle of the Burning Mill, House of the Dragon missed a great opportunity to introduce the show’s greatest member of House Stark. As the battles begin in House of the Dragon season 2, important characters from familiar Game of Thrones houses are starting to be introduced. While the Lannister twins, Lord Boros Baratheon, and Winterfell’s Lord Cregan Stark have already been introduced from the now underrepresented major Game of Thrones families, House of the Dragon’s choice to leave out certain events means some exciting book characters’ debuts are being delayed.

In fact, one of the best characters in House Stark’s history could have been introduced during House of the Dragon’s Battle of the Burning Mill. However, House of the Dragon season 2, episode 3 opted to skip over the actual fighting in the battle, instead cutting directly from an argument between young Blackwoods and Brackens to the devastation of the Burning Mill with hundreds of dead bodies lying in the field. Had the battle itself been shown on-screen, then House of the Dragon season 2 could have debuted the fan-favorite Fire & Blood character Black Aly.

Who Black Aly Is & How The Battle Of The Burning Mill Could Have Included Her

Alysanne Blackwood marries Cregan Stark at the end of the Dance

Lady Alysanne Blackwood, aka “Black Aly,” is the sister of Lord Samwell Blackwood of Raventree Hall in House of the Dragon. However, what House of the Dragon doesn’t reveal is that Samwell is killed by Amos Bracken in the Battle of the Burning Mill, and Black Aly is said to have shot the weirwood arrow that kills Amos immediately after her brother’s death. After the Battle of the Burning Mill, Samwell’s young son Lord Benjicot “Bloody Ben” Blackwood becomes the Lord of Raventree Hall, with Black Aly aiding her nephew as the Blackwoods fight for Rhaenyra in the Dance of the Dragons.

In House of the Dragon’s ending, Black Aly becomes Lady Alysanne Stark of Winterfell.

Black Aly is an important commander of House Blackwood’s forces during the Targaryen civil war, known for her ferocity in battle, leadership, and archery skills. Alysanne later takes part in the significant Battle of the Kingsroad toward the Dance’s conclusion, leading her to King’s Landing as the aftermath of Queen Rhaenyra and King Aegon II Targaryen’s deaths is debated. Shortly after, Lord Cregan Stark also arrives at King’s Landing, with both taking a liking to one another and marrying once they return to Winterfell. In House of the Dragon’s ending, Black Aly becomes Lady Alysanne Stark of Winterfell.

When Will Black Aly Appear In House Of The Dragon?

Black Aly likely won’t appear until House of the Dragon season 3

Since House of the Dragon missed out on introducing her at the Battle of the Burning Mill, it’s possible that Black Aly’s introduction will be at the late-stage Battle of the Kingsroad. However, considering her character’s popularity, the show could debut her much earlier by revealing that she was present at the bloody Battle by the Lakeshore with Bloody Ben. The Battle by the Lakeshore could occur later in House of the Dragon season 2, but will likely be reserved for season 3. Given how integral Black Aly is to creating peace immediately after the war, House of the Dragon may want to introduce her sooner rather than later.

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