I Really Hope Fire Country Season 3 Resolves Its Wedding Cliffhanger Without This Bode Twist


Fire Country season 2’s second half introduced doubts about marrying Diego for Gabriela, but I truly hope Fire Country season 3 doesn’t resort to putting Bode between them after that wedding cliffhanger of season 2’s finale. Gabriela might have refused to acknowledge Bode’s return to Three Rock at Fire Country season 2’s beginning, but working together forced them to bury the hatchet, especially as Gabriela wished to start new as friends given her impending marriage to Diego. Still, Fire Country season 2 repeatedly made Bode the issue between Diego and Gabriela, making the wedding cliffhanger worrisome if it involved Bode.

From the moment Bode and Gabriela met, Fire Country established them as the main couple. Although when they met Gabriela dated Jake, their relationship didn’t stand a chance because of the chemistry between Bode and Gabriela, and the feelings they quickly developed for one another. Fire Country season 1’s finale brutally ended Bode and Gabriela’s relationship because Bode couldn’t not save Freddy and needed to cut Gabriela out to do so. However, that ending transformed their relationship into even more of a “what if” situation, as Bode and Gabriela never knew what their relationship could be were Bode not incarcerated.

Fire Country Season 2’s Wedding Cliffhanger: Did Gabriela Marry Diego?

The Season 2 Finale Doesn’t Show Whether Gabriela Succumbs To Her Doubts

Gabriela not knowing whether her and Bode’s relationship would have survived if they rekindled it now that he was out of prison greatly influenced her hesitancy at the Fire Country season 2 wedding, but I hope season 3 doesn’t involve Bode again in Gabriela and Diego’s relationship problems. The Fire Country season 2 finale’s last moments didn’t explain whether Gabriela’s doubts persisted or disappeared when she saw Bode had left the church, but Fire Country season 3 shouldn’t make Bode the direct reason for Gabriela and Diego’s wedding not happening.

Even without the confusion Bode’s words caused Gabriela before their kiss in Fire Country season 2, episode 9, Gabriela and Diego’s relationship wasn’t stable, with their engagement happening quickly and their disagreements easily turning into something bigger. Fire Country season 2’s finale made sure to highlight Gabriela’s indecisiveness in at least two moments – when she confessed she and Bode had kissed and when she kept looking at Bode during the ceremony. Fire Country season 2’s wedding cliffhanger had reason to exist even just based on Gabriela’s feelings, and Bode not interrupting it meant she had to decide what to do.

Gabriela’s indecisiveness was evident in the season finale, but Fire Country season 2 was right in not letting Bode interrupt the ceremony, as it left the choice to do so or not to Gabriela, making the wedding cliffhanger one of the first things Fire Country season 3 needs to resolve.

Fire Country season 2, episode 10’s title words “I Do” being uttered by Manny during his arrest dramatically changed the meaning of the title, especially considering Fire Country season 2 didn’t hint to Gabriela and Bode reuniting, nor to the wedding going ahead before the season ended. However, for the sake of Gabriela and Bode’s character development, Fire Country season 3 needs to let them move on. Their relationship has already been established as timeless, making a rekindling of it likely in their future – still, it can’t be in their near future, or it risks repeating their story’s established pattern.

Why Gabriela Should Marry Diego In Fire Country Season 3

Diego Gives Gabriela The Stability She Always Craved Growing Up

Gabriela already reflected on Diego being her sensible choice in Fire Country season 2, episode 10, metaphorically linking the choice of having the wedding ceremony inside with how dependable Diego had always been. In contrast, seeing the outside venue made her skip a beat, but it also meant there was more chance of remaining disappointed. Whether the rain or Bode disappointed her, Gabriela proved she wasn’t willing to take the chance of getting burned again, as she was still reeling from the events of Fire Country season 1’s finale.

With Gabriela struggling with the lack of security in her childhood due to her mother leaving Gabriela and Manny, I believe Diego is the only possible choice for her in Fire Country season 3. After all, Diego truly helped her achieve her dream job, and if Bode hadn’t returned to Edgewater in season 2, she wouldn’t have even considered a future without Diego in it, as, despite their problems, Diego and Gabriela worked as a couple. Gabriela marrying Diego can help her decide what she wants from her future, putting some space between her and Bode’s grand and confounding gestures.

Bode’s Fire Country Season 3 Could Be Better If Gabriela Marries Diego

Bode Needs To Focus On Building His Life After Prison in Fire Country Season 3

Bode leaving the church right after the ceremony’s beginning already proved his willingness to move on in Fire Country season 2’s finale. While his choice might also be attributed to his refusal to see Gabriela marry Diego with his eyes, it’s undeniable that Bode wants to build his own future too. While Bode might have accepted Gabriela’s happiness in Fire Country season 2, making it easier for him to step aside, he also realized he needed the same for himself, after Fire Country seasons 1 and 2 had him place his reason to live on Gabriela first and then Genevieve.

Bode and Gabriela’s heart-to-heart in Fire Country season 2 already established they will always love each other as friends, even if there isn’t romantic love in their near future. Fire Country season 2 ending with Bode earning his freedom after all makes it imperative that he focuses on his future in season 3, laying the foundation for a rewarding life after prison that doesn’t necessarily include the anchors that kept him afloat before. It would be even more satisfying to see a happy Bode and Gabriela choose each other for their love rather than out of fear in Fire Country.