Is Ulf Really A Targaryen? Dragonseed In House Of The Dragon Explained


House of the Dragon season 2, episode 3 introduced the character of Ulf, but is he really the Targaryen he claims to be? As an adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s Fire and Blood, the prequel to the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, House of the Dragon includes many of the themes, characters, and storylines from the source material. One such storyline in both mediums surrounds the concept of Dragonseeds, the bastard children of House Targaryen sprinkled throughout House of the Dragon’s cast of characters.

Aside from the attempted reconciliation between Rhaenyra and Alicent, the teases at the war to come, and House of the Dragon’s Song of Ice and Fire retcon, one intriguing scene in season 2, episode 3 surrounded a new character named Ulf. This character was depicted as a well-known member of King’s Landing’s citizens, claiming to his friends in a tavern that he is a Targaryen grandson of Jaehaerys I, and thus a brother of Viserys and Daemon. This begs whether Ulf is actually a member of House Targaryen, and how his introduction will change House of the Dragon going forward.

Ulf Is A Dragonseed, But Not The Grandson Of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen

Ulf Has Targaryen Blood, But Not Of The Same Noble Stock He Claims

In House of the Dragon, Ulf boldly claims to be the brother of Viserys and Dameon, and the uncle of Rhaenyra. Interestingly, this is a House of the Dragon book change. In Fire and Blood, it is revealed that Ulf is a Dragonseed, but it is not confirmed how he is linked to House Targaryen. The show alters this, with Ulf claiming to be a son of Baelon the Brave. It remains to be seen whether Ulf’s claim turns out to be true, with Fire and Blood’s nature as narratively unreliable making either possibility likely.

In Fire and Blood, Baelon is often described as being incredibly loyal to his wife. Baelon was even depicted as rejecting advances later in his life, proving how loyal he was to his partner. As such, this makes it unlikely that he sired a Dragonseed like Ulf. That said, House of the Dragon is not afraid to make changes based on the book’s unreliable narrators, with one potentially being that Ulf is indeed a grandson of Jaehaerys I Targaryen.

Ulf Will Join Rhaenyra’s Team Black In House Of The Dragon

Ulf Will Play An Important Role In The Impending Dance Of Dragons

Although Ulf’s scene in House of the Dragon season 2, episode 3 may seem unnecessary and pointless at first, it contains several hints towards how he will impact future episodes. As Ulf is trying to convince his friends that he is of Targaryen blood, he defends his lack of white-silver hair. He states that Jaecerys Velaryon does not have white hair either, but is no less a Targaryen. As he speaks about Jace, he dubs him the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

He believes Rhaenyra is the rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, hinting at him eventually joining Team Black during the Dance of Dragons…

This hints towards Ulf’s role in the Dance of Dragons, which House of the Dragon season 2’s episodes have been slowly building towards. As evident in Ulf’s words, the Dragonseed views Aegon as a usurper and pretender to the crown. He believes Rhaenyra is the rightful ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, hinting at him eventually joining Team Black during the Dance of Dragons. As war breaks out, Jace calls for Dragonseeds to claim riderless dragons and bolster their forces. Ulf is one such Dragonseed, who eventually becomes known as Ulf White and rides Silverwing.

What Happens To Ulf In The Dance Of The Dragons

Fire & Blood Explains What Becomes Of Ulf White

After claiming Silverwing and joining the Blacks in the Dance of Dragons, Fire and Blood details what happens to Ulf. Ulf’s first battle in the Dance comes in the Battle of the Gullet. This conflict sees the Greens, with the aid of a host of ships from the Triarchy, attempt to break the Velaryon blockade of Blackwater Bay. Ulf fights in this battle aboard Silverwing, aiding in reducing losses on the side of the Blacks. Eventually, Ulf was integral to two more battles, the First and Second Battles of Tumbleton.

The First Battle of Tumbleton saw Ulf and a fellow Dragonseed – another House of the Dragon character Hugh Hammer – betray the Blacks by siding with the Greens. Ulf did this in order to be named the Lord of Bitterbridge by Daeron Targaryen. During the Second Battle of Tumbleton, Ulf slept through the battle due to being intoxicated. Ulf’s friend Hugh fell in the battle, leading the former to hastily declare he would lay claim to the Iron Throne. Eventually, Ulf was poisoned, which will undoubtedly be featured in House of the Dragon’s future seasons.