NCIS: Origins Casting News Has Me All Excited About These Gone Characters’ Potential Return


Gibbs’ long-hidden drama is about to come to light.

NCIS: Origins is still months away from landing on CBS sometime during the next TV season, but fans like me can already predict a lot about some potential plot twists based on which characters will be back in the story.

Since the upcoming spinoff is the first in the NCIS entire history to take its viewers back in time and leave them somewhere in the 1990s, the chances to see Gibbs’ biggest mysteries getting unveiled one by one are incredibly high now, and one initially gone, but now returning character is a major proof of it.

It’s no longer a thing for speculations among fans, as NCIS: Origins has already made it clear that Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ father Jackson Gibbs will show up in the series at some point.

The original show never hid the fact that its biggest figure’s relationship with his parent was more than just complicated since they both spent years estranged from each other and saw one another for the last time during the funeral of Gibbs’ first wife Shannon and their daughter Kelly.

The fact that the future spinoff will see Gibbs interacting with his father, now portrayed by Robert Taylor, clearly indicates that the show will most likely dive deeper into their personal relationship and, what’s even more intriguing, will reveal the truth about the lead character’s biggest tragedy.

Since Shannon and Kelly’s funeral marked the last time Leroy Jethro Gibbs ever talked to his father, the latter will most likely show up sometime before the tragedy even occurs, which raises a thought whether NCIS: Origins will actually feature Shannon and Kelly while they were still alive.

Such an observation that went viral in NCIS fandom also left me wondering whether the whole storyline would be picked up right at the funeral or would rather take a much wide sneak peek into Gibbs’ personal life, also exploring his relationships with his wife and daughter and depicting his serene life before it was ruined by his loved ones’ death.

NCIS: Origins is set to hit CBS this fall or later this year.