Spencer Reid’s Return Is More Unattainable After Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Update


A Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 cast update decreases the chances of Spencer Reid’s return as a core member of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. As an original cast member, Matthew Gray Gubler’s return has been one of the most-awaited developments in the Paramount+ revival of the CBS series. There has been some confusion as to why the actor wasn’t part of Criminal Minds: Evolution when it debuted. Initially, Gubler’s non-involvement was chalked up to his personal decision to step away from the show and explore other opportunities. Subsequently, it was revealed that it was because of scheduling conflicts.

Regardless of the actual reason for Gubler’s absence thus far in Criminal Minds: Evolution, the revival has made it clear that Reid is still part of the BAU. His desk is still intact with all his things, which is a good indication that he will return. Deputy Director Bailey did mention that Reid and Daniel Henney’s Matt Simmons were currently working on something else at the start of season 1, although he didn’t expound on what they were doing while the rest of their team was catching the most elusive serial killer in more than a decade.

Tyler Green Joins The BAU In Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2

Ryan-James Hatanaka’s Character May Officially Become A Profiler.

Aside from the interest in seeing Reid come back, the BAU being undermanned makes his return a bigger necessity. However, with Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 filling the void that he leaves by bringing in Tyler Green decreases the urgency for him to reclaim his old spot back. After working with the profilers to take down Sicarius and his network of serial killers in season 1, albeit in an unconventional way, Emily Prentiss and her team are bringing him back to be a consultant in their continued pursuit of the mystery of Gold Star in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2.

For starters, the official poster for Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 makes it clear that he is part of the team that will take down Elias Voit and Gold Star.

That said, what starts as a temporary position can eventually turn into a permanent gig for Ryan-James Hatanaka. There have been several clues that Green’s stint with the FBI is being set up to be a more official role. For starters, the official poster for Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 makes it clear that he is part of the team that will take down Elias Voit and Gold Star. Secondly, Hatanaka’s social media post hints that he will be back as Green in Criminal Minds: Evolution season 3, and that’s highly unlikely unless he officially becomes part of the team.

Why The BAU Still Needs Reid Despite Green’s New Role

Reid Has Been A Long Time BAU Fan-Favorite.

Green officially joining the BAU shouldn’t deter Criminal Minds: Evolution from bringing back Reid. Gubler did express his interest in reprising his breakout role and everyone from the cast and creatives of the revival have said that they would want him back. While he may not be back as part of the Criminal Minds: Evolution cast in season 2, Paramount+ should make it their priority to recruit him from the potential season 3.

Considering the severity of the cases that the BAU is now tackling, having more profilers wouldn’t hurt their efficiency. It’s also worth noting that as a genius, Reid offers something different from Green’s contributions, who comes from a military background intelligence. Finally, Gubler as Reid is a long-time fan-favorite. One look at Criminal Minds: Evolution social media, and it’s clear that so many are waiting for his return, which should be enough reason to ensure his return.