Surprising Doctor Who Regeneration Stat Reveals Which Villain Has Been Most Successful


One classic Doctor Who villain holds an impressive record of killing the Doctor and causing regeneration twice. With Doctor Who season 14 in full swing, after perhaps more change behind the scenes than the series has ever faced, it’s an open question which Doctor Who villain is currently the most powerful. The BBC struck a deal with Disney to secure a higher budget and the show’s longevity, resulting in changes including a US-centric release schedule and more impressive effects. Doctor Who’s season 14 characters also include some powerful new villains.

The Disney era began with 2023’s 60th anniversary specials, airing between November 25th and December 9th. Ncuti Gatwa’s first appearance as the Fifteenth Doctor was in the last episode of the 60th anniversary specials. Show writer Russel T Davies commented on the new style of villain in Doctor Who season 14, indicating that power dynamics between Gatwa’s Doctor and his opponents in the show may be shaken up. This means that the villain with the record of killing the Doctor twice could be overtaken in their kill streak, but there are many reasons why this will be difficult.

Only The Master Has Killed More Than One Version Of The Doctor

The Doctor’s other enemies have succeeded in killing him before, but not twice

The Master has killed two Doctors, unlike any other Doctor Who villain, suggesting that he may be the Doctor’s most deadly opponent. This first happened in 1981’s Doctor Who season 18, episode 7, “Logopolis”, when the Doctor climbed a telescope to thwart the Master’s plan, only to fall to his death when the Master jogged the telescope. Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor was mortally wounded by the Master in the last of the 2022 specials. The Master’s love-hate relationship with the Doctor has always kept him close to the Doctor’s storyline, making his victory more feasible, but their dynamic more complex.

Other infamous Doctor Who villains, like the Daleks and the Cybermen, have killed the Doctor before, but never twice. New Doctor Who star Ncuti Gatwa wants to face the Daleks, one of Doctor Who’s oldest enemies, but they are not yet slated to return in season 14. The Master, on the other hand, already appeared during Gatwa’s tenure as Doctor, suggesting future appearances from him. Overall, it looks like the chances of the Master adding yet another regeneration to his Doctor Who record are currently greater than the other two iconic villains.

The Master’s Doctor Who Record Will Be Difficult To Beat

There are many reasons why the Master is destined to fight the Doctor

The Master’s popularity as a character keeps him a mainstay in the franchise, while his obsessive nature and mysterious powers make him absolutely deadly. The Master is a heavily recurring character in Doctor Who, and his season 14 significance was already hinted at in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary special, “The Giggle”. In the episode, the Master took the form of the Toymaker’s gold tooth, which was left behind on earth when the Toymaker disappeared. There are even theories that the Master was responsible for the Second Doctor’s death, as well as that of the Fourth and Thirteenth.

The Master is obsessed with the Doctor and in beating him, always looking for ways to circle closer to the Doctor and get a reaction from him. The Master displayed some dangerous abilities when facing David Tennant’s Doctor, using what seemed to be regeneration energy as a weapon. In previous seasons, he was seen to possess the bodies of others – an unusual survival tactic for Time Lords. Overall, the Master is a formidable opponent for the Doctor, and his kill streak may be impossible to beat. However, there are a handful of other Doctor Who villains who may have a shot.

Which Doctor Who Villain Could Beat The Master’s Kill Streak

Some Doctor Who characters could rival the Master in power

Being the same race, the Rani may be positioned to match the Master’s kill streak, and season 14’s Pantheon is shaping up to be another serious threat to the Doctor. The Rani killed the Sixth Doctor, and although show writer Steven Moffat said in Digital Spy that “there’s no point in bringing her back”, show writer Russel T Davies has mentioned bringing back the Rani on numerous occasions. In season 14, the Doctor refers to the Rani, hinting at her return – the “Chekhov’s Gun” narrative rule argues that every part of a story should lead somewhere and have a payoff.

The Toymaker defeated the Master previously, implying he or his super-powered, evil organization could be positioned to beat the Master’s kill streak.

The Rani was an old schoolmate of both the Doctor and the Master, so if any villain could hope to match either of them, it would be her. Another consideration is Jinkx Monsoon’s terrifying Maestro from season 14, who the Doctor describes as part of the Pantheon – “vast powers from beyond the universe”. As the Maestro’s father, it stands to reason that the Toymaker is also a member of the Pantheon, although this is unconfirmed. The Toymaker defeated the Master previously, implying that he or his super-powered, evil organization could be positioned to beat the Master’s kill streak.

It remains to be seen which classic villains Doctor Who will resuscitate, and which new villains season 14 and beyond may bring to the fore. With Doctor Who season 14, episode 3, “Boom” seeing the Doctor face new challenges on a distant planet, it’s uncertain how the season will tie together its tease of the Master’s return with the resolution of the other questions it poses. It is also uncertain whether Gatwa’s Doctor will have to face the Rani at some point, adding to his difficulties. One thing is certain – Disney’s new era holds some exciting twists and turns for the Fifteenth Doctor.