TBBT Fans Still Not Really Into Young Sheldon For Many Reasons


Not everyone seems to be so excited about CBS’ high-rated sitcom.

Having come to its end back in 2019, The Big Bang Theory still had its story being taken over by the show’s prequel Young Sheldon, though not all fans appreciated such a gesture.

With the prequel’s launch in 2017 and its official end just several weeks ago, The Big Bang Theory’s long-standing lovers got a sneak peek into the beloved character’s earlier life in Texas, something that should’ve become a whole new gift for those who enjoyed the original show, though instead, the prequel got fans divided on whether or not its take on Sheldon’s life story was worth the shot.

Now that Young Sheldon is also officially over, some fans don’t seem to be heartbroken about this news at all.

Soon after Young Sheldon’s finale aired, a new Reddit thread was started by a user claiming that they’d always been The Big Bang Theory’s raving fan, to the point that they “cannot even count how many times I watch it,” later on proceeding to a confession that they genuinely couldn’t stand Young Sheldon.

Many others were quick to join, expressing their own grudge against the generally adored prequel, with some users criticizing younger Sheldon’s actor Iain Armitage for being probably the worst choice for the show’s cast.

Others opted for staying away from such harsh criticism, stating that it was just a matter of personal taste that played the key role here. Some users still agreed with the main comment’s point, saying that they consider Young Sheldon a one-watch show while The Big Bang Theory is still getting much more attention even five years after its finale.

Despite that, some other comments seemingly found a silver lining among all the tough words prepared for Young Sheldon, pointing out to the prequel’s good elaborated work on other major characters’ arcs.

According to them, this is what eventually helped the show avoid an extremely boring plot line revolving exclusively around Sheldon, which is a real lifesaver considering that even Young Sheldon’s lead actor couldn’t be safe from all the backlash.