The Acolyte Episode 6 Reveals How The Sith Really Survived – Shocking Star Wars Theory Explained


The Acolyte episode 6 detailed more about the mysterious Qimir, potentially raising a theory about a method of the Sith’s survival. One of the most discussed aspects of The Acolyte since episode 5’s ending has been the emergence of the Sith before the Star Wars prequels. Up until the event of the first chronological Star Wars movie, the Jedi believed the Sith were extinct, which The Acolyte needs to preserve so as to not contradict canon.

Regardless, Qimir indirectly dubbed himself a Sith after The Acolyte episode 5’s Jedi massacre. This caused many to question how their survival, existence, and most importantly, secrecy would be preserved for another 100 years before Palpatine’s plan is put into place. Interestingly, the hints raised by Qimir by the time of The Acolyte episode 6’s ending may have provided the basis of a theory that explains how the Sith have remained hidden, and how they continue to do so for another century while undermining the light of the Jedi.

Qimir Was Once A Part Of The Jedi Order

Qimir Used To Fight For The Light

In The Acolyte episode 6, the most intriguing story surrounds Osha and Qimir. The duo was shown on an unknown, faraway planet as Qimir attempted to sway Osha about how the Jedi may pervert the Force as much as the Sith. This allowed for fascinating deconstructions of Star Wars norms, while also allowing more about Qimir to be revealed. Although much of his character is still shrouded in mystery and darkness, small details about Qimir, ironically, came to light thanks to his interactions with Osha in The Acolyte episode 6.

One reveal about Qimir in The Acolyte episode 6 is that he used to be part of the Jedi Order. When Osha asks why he speaks like the Jedi, Qimir states that he once was part of the Order “a long time ago.” Osha retorts that she has never heard of him, with Qimir then hinting that he may be much older than he seems. Regardless of his age, Qimir’s past as a Jedi is certainly interesting. The character has been part of the light, only to fall and be pulled to the darkness, as many Sith Lords often are.

Qimir Implies His Jedi Master Stabbed Him In The Back

Qimir’s Injuries May Have More Importance Than First Thought

One of the more prominent visual Easter eggs in The Acolyte episode 6 is the giant scar running up Qimir’s back. The scar is visible in two different scenes, with Osha asking where it came from in the latter. Qimir asks Osha how she thinks he got it, to which she replies it looks as if someone stabbed him in the back. Qimir confirms that it was someone who threw him away before Osha queries whether it was his former Jedi Master who gave him the wound. Interestingly, Qimir does not confirm or deny this.

Herein lies where the theory about Qimir begins forming. Given that Qimir does not outright state it was a Jedi Master who stabbed him, it could well have been his Sith Master. It is obvious that Qimir has had training in the dark side of the Force, and the Sith are notably much more ruthless in their teaching methods than the Jedi. It would make much more sense for a Sith Master to have given Qimir his scar or even a covert Sith hidden among the Jedi Order’s ranks…

The Sith May Be Hiding In The Jedi Order Itself

The Sith Hiding Among The Jedi Would Make A Lot Of Sense

The theory in question claims that the Sith hid their presence by acting as Jedi. It is clear from the prequel trilogy, and even Sol’s interactions with Qimir in The Acolyte, that it can be incredibly difficult for Jedi to outright sense a Sith in their presence. The Sith brings the dark side to the fore, which often clouds the judgment of those inclined to the light. As such, the Sith could have survived for thousands of years by hiding in plain sight and masquerading as Jedi.

At the time of The Acolyte, the Sith were living by the Rule of Two. The Sith Rule of Two demands that there are only two Sith at any one time, a Master and an apprentice. While this has long been the case, apprentices were allowed to train their own acolytes in the dark side of the Force, so long as the apprentice and acolyte duo never attempted to overthrow the Master. At most, there would only have been three Sith hiding out in the entire galaxy, and hiding among the Jedi would have been the safest bet.

During Star Wars’ High Republic Era, the Jedi numbered in the tens of thousands. It would be very easy for the Sith to hide among this number, practicing their dark ways in secret but pretending to serve the light to those around them. This would explain Qimir’s story that he was once a Jedi. While enlisted in the Order, a Sith could have recruited him before betraying him when finding another apprentice. If this were the case, Qimir’s silence at Osha’s question would make sense, as it was technically his Jedi and Sith Master who stabbed him in the back.

This Would Give The Sith A Constant Advantage

The Sith Hiding Among The Jedi Would Give Them A Tactical Benefit

Aside from being an easier hiding spot for the Sith, dark siders hiding among the Jedi would also provide a tactical advantage. The Sith hid from the Jedi for millennia simply to bide their time until they could ensure victory over their ancient enemies. Naturally, this would require the generations of Sith to know of their enemies’ tactics, movements, goals, and overall status. If the Sith infiltrated the Jedi, this information would become much easier to acquire.

It is not out of the realm of possibility to assume the Sith infiltrated the Jedi as a tactical move as well as a way of retaining secrecy…

Being among the Jedi, living in the Coruscant Temple, and within a constant range of the Jedi Council would allow the Sith to endlessly monitor the Jedi. This is exactly how Palpatine managed to eventually defeat the Jedi, as he integrated the Senate so heavily with the Jedi Order. Given this knowledge, it is not out of the realm of possibility to assume the Sith infiltrated the Jedi as a tactical move as well as a way of retaining secrecy. This could all be proven by Qimir’s existence in The Acolyte, and more potential reveals about his Jedi past could support the theory.