This Dark Sith Acolyte Theory Reveals Qimir’s True Origin… & How He Got His Scars


A new Sith Lord theory for The Acolyte’s Qimir teases his true Star Wars origins, while also explaining his scars. As seen in The Acolyte episode 6, Qimir (Manny Jacinto) took Osha (Amandala Stenberg) to his home on a remote unknown ocean world following his brutal Jedi massacre in the previous episode. Teasing his past and who he truly is, Qimir is bound to be more than he initially appears.

While Qimir tells Master Sol (Lee Jung-jae) in The Acolyte episode 5 that the Jedi Order would call him “Sith”, the implication is that it wouldn’t be what he would call himself. Instead, Qimir offers some key clues in The Acolyte episode 6 that his history involves both the Jedi and the Sith. To that end, Qimir’s complex past is likely tied to the unique scars that were shown covering his back in The Acolyte’s new episode.

The Acolyte Episode 6 Teased Qimir’s Complex Past

He Was Once A Jedi

While speaking with Osha on his unknown world (that very much resembles The Last Jedi’s Ahch-To), Qimir confirms that he too has ties to the Jedi Order. Just like Osha herself, Qimir was apparently once a Jedi “a long time ago”. However, he then left the Order for some unknown reason in search of a new path. He also claims that he once lost everything that had ever mattered to him, likely the primary reason he was drawn to the dark side of the Force.

However, it’s also worth noting that when Osha directly asks Qimir about his scars in The Acolyte episode 6, his answer teases yet another mysterious chapter of his past. When Osha asks if he received his scar from his Jedi master, Qimir doesn’t respond. As such, the inherent implication that’s teased is that the scars came from someone else who “threw him away”.

Qimir’s Scars Don’t Appear To Be From A Lightsaber

They’re Not Straight Enough And Branch Out

Qimir’s scars themselves have their own story to tell in The Acolyte episode 6. Running down the length of Qimir’s back, the scar is quite large while also branching off, creating jagged lines across the back of this new dark side user’s torso. To that end, it doesn’t seem as though this is the kind of wound that would come from a traditional lightsaber, seeing how the scars are not nearly straight enough.

It’s also worth noting that The Acolyte episode 6 does confirm that Qimir received his scars after he was stabbed in the back. Such a dishonorable attack wouldn’t have come from the average Jedi (unless they were significantly morally compromised). Instead, one has to wonder if the one who scarred Qimir was instead a genuine Dark Lord of the Sith from Star Wars known history.

Acolyte Theory: Qimir Is An Ex-Sith Apprentice

Scarred By Force Lightning

Rather than coming from a lightsaber, Qimir’s scars look as though they might have come from a blast of powerful Force lightning, an ability commonly used by those skilled in the dark side of the Force. As such, perhaps the one who wounded Qimir and “threw him away” was a Dark Lord of the Sith who rejected Qimir as their apprentice. This would give Qimir ties to both the Jedi Order and the Sith Lords, while still being set apart from both groups of Force users.

Qimir being a Sith reject would also help circumvent the known Sith Lords in the canon who should be operating during this time; Darth Tenebrous and/or Darth Plagueis. Perhaps Qimir was one of their apprentices who was ultimately rejected, not unlike Darth Venamis. At any rate, it should prove to be very exciting to see where Qimir’s scars came from, his full origins, as well as what he truly is in the Star Wars canon. At this point, it’s highly doubtful that he’s a traditional Dark Lord of the Sith.

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