Vermithor Setup In House Of The Dragon Season 2, Episode 2 Explained


House of the Dragon season 2 has continued to tease Vermithor, setting up the massive dragon once ridden by King Jaehaerys I for its return. The House of the Dragon season 1 ending saw war become inevitable in Westeros, with factions forming between the Blacks and the Greens for the civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons. In a subtle season 1 scene, Prince Daemon Targaryen approaches a massive bronze dragon nesting on Dragonstone and sings to it. He hints that there are riderless dragons on the island that could be assets to the Blacks.

There are many dragons in House of the Dragon that have already been prominently displayed on screen, with several more that have yet to make appearances. Among the riderless dragons that have already been seen are Vermithor and Seasmoke, which was previously ridden by Laenor Velaryon in season 1 and was spotted flying above Driftmark in season 2, episode 2. There are others that have yet to appear, but House of the Dragon has already begun planting the seeds for their arrival. One key plot in season 2 continues the setup for Vermithor.

Hugh’s Struggles In King’s Landing Will Lead To Him Fighting For Rhaenyra

Aegon Has Assured Relief For The Smiths, But Episode 2 Hints That It’s An Empty Promise

Hugh Hammer is one of the many new characters in House of the Dragon season 2, and he’s been subtle enough that audiences might’ve missed him. In episode 1, he appears before Aegon II in the throne room to request aid for the blacksmiths of King’s Landing. It’s revealed that he’s been helping build scorpions (artillery for shooting dragons) for them but that he, like many of the common folk, has fallen under tough times. In episode 2, he’s shown to have a sick daughter, establishing his motivation for the season.

Hugh is introduced in Fire & Blood as a blacksmith on Dragonstone who has some Valyrian descent. Bastards of Valyrian blood are known as “dragonseeds,” and this blood permits them to attempt to bond with riderless dragons. The setup for Hugh seems to indicate that his struggles in King’s Landing will lead him to the potential opportunity on Dragonstone, where he can claim a dragon and change his luck. Becoming a dragonrider could grant him the power and wealth to protect his family or to avenge them if season 2 sees things get even worse for the common folk.

How Can Hugh Claim Vermithor & When Will It Happen?

Hugh Has Valyrian Blood, Allowing Him To Bond With A Dragon

In Fire & Blood, Prince Jacaerys Velaryon decides that the Blacks should seek out riders for the unclaimed dragons at their disposal, hoping to bring an advantage to his mother’s side in dragon power. Prince Aemond Targaryen of the Greens rides the realm’s largest dragon, Vhagar, whom even Daemon is reluctant to face alone. Vermithor is the second-biggest, as he’s quite old, and dragons in George R.R. Martin’s universe never stop growing with age. As previously mentioned, Hugh’s motivations to claim Vermithor have already been established.

Episode 2 seems to indicate Aegon may not make good on his promise to advance payment to the smiths, which could lead to Hugh’s daughter dying

While the book isn’t exactly clear on the details of Hugh’s origins, the show frames him as an underdog, rags-to-riches character. With a sick daughter and financial lulls in the slums of King’s Landing, Hugh seems to be a character who will seek out a dragon toward the end of season 2 as a last resort to turn his life around. Episode 2 seems to indicate Aegon may not make good on his promise to advance payment to the smiths, which could lead to Hugh’s daughter dying, establishing him as a tragic character going forward, adding complexity to his book variation.

What Happens To Hugh & Vermithor In House Of The Dragon

Hugh Fights Battles For Both The Blacks & Greens, Making Him A Divisive Figure

Hugh is successful in claiming Vermithor in the books, instantly making him one of the most powerful men in the Seven Kingdoms. Hugh is incredibly valuable to the Blacks during the Battle of the Gullet, one of the war’s most crucial battles fought at sea, where he and the other dragonseeds aid the Velaryon fleet in repelling a naval attack. Daemon and Rhaenyra consider various ways to reward Hugh, including potentially rewarding him with Casterly Rock. Unfortunately, like many characters in the Game of Thrones universe, power goes to Hugh’s head quite quickly.

At a pivotal moment in the war, Hugh turns on the Blacks at the First Battle of Tumbleton, and he and Ulf White are henceforth known as the Two Betrayers. After Vhagar’s fall later in the war, Hugh declares that he should be king, as that made Vermithor the largest dragon in the world. It’s unclear how closely House of the Dragon will follow his narrative from the book, as it at least seems to be establishing him as a more sympathetic figure.