Why Corlys Velaryon “Owes” Addam & Alyn Of Hull In House Of The Dragon


In House of the Dragon season 2, episode 2, a new character named Addam states that Corlys Velaryon “owes” him and Alyn, and there’s a specific reason why. Clinton Liberty and Abubakar Salim join the House of the Dragon season 2 cast as Addam and Alyn, two supporting characters with only brief scenes to establish themselves thus far. They’ve been set up on Driftmark, the island home of House Velaryon, with ties to Lord Corlys the Seasnake, preparing them to become characters of greater significance later in the season and series.

House of the Dragon season 1 saw events building toward a civil war between rival Targaryen factions contending for the Iron Throne. Now that the Dance of the Dragons is unfolding, the Black and Green factions look to add the noble houses of Westeros to their sides. However, the Game of Thrones universe has proven several times that power can come from unexpected sources, and great potential often sits right under the noses of royal keeps and great castles. The Seasnake has already begun to discover the great potential that’s working in his shipyard.

Corlys Owes Addam & Alyn For Keeping The Secret That He’s Their Father

Addam & Alyn Are Corlys’ Bastards & They All Know It

There’s more to Addam and Alyn than what meets the eye, and while the show hasn’t explicitly stated it, they are the bastard sons of Lord Corlys Velaryon. The implication in the TV series is that all three of them are aware of this fact and that Corlys Velaryon “owes” them because they’ve kept his secret and prevented his name from being tainted. Fathering bastards is common in Westeros, but Lord Corlys has an esteemed reputation as an explorer and great naval leader to uphold, not to mention a loving relationship with his wife of multiple decades.

Speaking with EW about House of the Dragon season 2, Corlys actor Steve Toussaint explained, “One of the things that Corlys is having to deal with is past indiscretions coming back to haunt him.” Corlys notably feels some guilt about how his sons have been raised, especially now that his own children are gone and he’s without an heir to Driftmark. He feels indebted to Addam and Alyn, especially after the latter saved his life in the Stepstones, which was revealed in the season 2 premiere. He’s attempting to build bridges now, and the brothers have opposing feelings about it.

Why Corlys Hid Addam & Alyn Of Hull’s True Parentage

Introducing Bastards Would’ve Disrupted His True Velaryon Line

In Fire & Blood, Addam and Alyn of Hull are introduced as Dragonseeds, bastards of Valyrian descent who are brought forth to try and claim dragons. There’s some discrepancy regarding their parentage as their mother claims they’re Ser Laenor Velaryon’s sons, though it’s evident for multiple reasons that this isn’t true. Given their ages in House of the Dragon, it would be even harder to claim that they’re anyone but Lord Corlys Velaryon’s sons. In the book, Corlys is complicit in trying to keep this a secret. The reason why, from Fire & Blood, is below:

“Princess Rhaenys, his wife, had the fiery temperament of many Targaryens, Mushroom says, and would not have taken kindly to her lord husband fathering bastards on a girl half her age, and a shipwright’s daughter besides.”

Rhaenys isn’t characterized by a hot temper in House of the Dragon, though it would be justifiable for her to react in such a way if she discovered her husband’s affairs. These characters have arrived in Lord Corlys’ life, and their blood fulfills his need for a Velaryon heir following Lucerys Velaryon’s death in season 1. In fact, Addam and Alyn are even more beneficial to him in a way, as they’re actually his bloodline and would only need to be legitimized to carry his name and legacy forward. Given the Seasnake’s passion for legacy and history, this is vital to his arc.

How Corlys Makes Up For His Wrongs With Alyn & Addam In House Of The Dragon

Addam and Alyn are among the many new House of the Dragon season 2 characters who are dragonseeds. Like Hugh and Ulf, the brothers from Driftmark will vie for an opportunity to claim dragons to fight and ride for the Blacks. Daemon foreshadows this event in season 1’s finale when he visits the dragon Vermithor and states that the Blacks should find riders for the many riderless dragons roaming Dragonstone. Corlys brings forth Addam and Alyn to participate directly, giving them opportunities to prove themselves.

Addam is able to claim the dragon Seasmoke, which was previously ridden by Laenor Velaryon

Corlys Velaryon eventually has both Addam and Alyn legitimized as Velaryons, making Alyn his rightful heir. Addam is able to claim the dragon Seasmoke, which was previously ridden by Laenor Velaryon, Corlys’ late trueborn son with Rhaenys. While Alyn fails at mounting a dragon, he eventually becomes the Lord of the Tides after the Seasnake’s death and has his own Great Voyages, much like his lord father. These characters will be pivotal for House of the Dragon going forward and are worth keeping an eye out for.